Why choose Business Central?

Widely supported, Scalable, Easy to Use

With such a large number of organizations using the software world-wide, and Microsoft's extensive partner network, you will not be "locked-in" to a particular provider, and can rest assured that you will be able to receive system enhancements and support well into the future. Microsoft has a strong track-record of investment, particularly for their business products.

Having been developed with a modern architecture, Dynamics 365 Business Central is easy to integrate with other software used in your organization. Out of the box, there is seamless integration with Office 365. Actions in the ERP system can be executed straight out of outlook for example - which means users will not have to switch between applications.

The software is truly "cross-platform" - and can be used on iOS and Android mobile devices with a dedicated App. Windows and web clients are also provided, giving the user the choice of using Business Central wherever they are.

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